Workday Community

Workday Community

Workday Community
is a platform for collaboration, networking, and learning with fellow Workday users and Workday experts. This User Guide covers the basics of Workday Community navigation and use. The Table of Contents contains clickable links to specific sections

Table of Contents

Create a

Workday Community

Your Workday Community Profile 

Workday Community

Home Page Navigation
Main Menu
Join User Groups
Sign Out of Workday Community 


1. Navigate to the Workday Resource Center at
2. On the Sign-in page, select Request Workday Community account
3. Enter the required information and click Submit

Business Email Address is your FGCU employee account email address; Reason for Account Request is optional

Your account request will be reviewed and approved by the Workday Community Administrator; upon approval, you will receive an email in your FGCU email Inbox containing your Workday Community username and password.


Workday Community


1. Log in to the Workday Resource Center using the credentials provided by the Workday Community Administrator

2. Click the Workday Community tile

3. On the Workday Community Home Page, click your Profile icon at the upper right

4. Click View Profile *NOTE: This is also where you Sign Out of Workday Community

5. Click Edit to enter Profile information as desired

6. Use drop-down arrows to expand sections; enter information as desired

7. Select several areas of interest or Workday Product areas you support to better direct your Community experience; when you have completed your Profile, click Save

workday community
workday community

WORKDAY COMMUNITY [Workday Community
The Workday Community Home Page consists of several key areas:

1) Workday Logo- click to return to Community Home Page at any time
2) Search- enter specific keywords to quickly locate related items; results can be filtered
3) Marquee- highlights new & interesting Workday items
4) Customer Alerts- notifies Workday customers of known issues in Workday, posted by Customer Support
5) Product Information- quick access menu for specific Workday product information (select category at left to display icons for that category)
6) Main Menu- provides drop-down menus of items for Basics, Release, Products, & Collaborate (some items are also available in Info Quicklinks)
7) Info Quicklinks- quick access to specific information and activities (these options are also available from the Main Menu)

MAIN MENU[Workday Community
The Main Menu on the Workday Community Home Page provides access to a number of items in each of the categories indicated.
• Basics- includes quick access to Get Started in Workday Community
• Release- quick access to information about Workday Releases
• Products- features Administrator Guide, official Documentation for configuring and using Workday
• Collaborate- quick access to Customer Q&A, User Groups, and Brainstorms

1. Select the desired Category to display the resulting menu of options; click an item to open it

Joining a User Group in Workday Community provides the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from others using Workday.

1. On the Workday Community Home Page, select Collaborate from the Main Menu options

2. Choose Group Type and/or Product from the menu

3. When your selections have been made, click Apply Filters

4. Use the Sort By drop down menu to organize your results

5. The list of results includes the Group Name, Group Type, number of Members, date of Last Activity in the Group, and information regarding Upcoming Events; click the Group Name to access the Group

6. On the Group page, filter by Activity Type and/or Product; to join the User Group, click the Join Group button. To receive notifications about Group activity, click Subscribe. *NOTE: Notification preferences for each User Group can be established individually.

7. On the Subscriptions page, use Filter by Email Frequency or Filter by Group Type and click Apply to display the selected options for multiple Groups; click the drop down menu for Email Frequency to select how often you’d like to receive notifications about Group Activity. *NOTE: Notifications will appear in your FGCU email Inbox and include a link to the Workday Community item

8. On the Group Page, click the title of an Activity to view details

9. To create a Group Post, click the Create button and complete the necessary information; add attachments as desired. Click Save to post your item to the Group

1. Click your Profile picture/icon at the top right of the screen

2. Click the Sign Out button

3. At the top of the Workday Resource Center page, click the drop down arrow next to your name; select Sign out


How do I access my Workday Community?
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter the “Login Credentails”
Step 3: You have successfully logined in.

What is Workday community account?
Workday Community is a platform for networking, collaborating and learning with Workday experts and Workday users.

Who can join Workday community?
The Workday community is a private community and is exclusively available for Workay customers and its partners.

How do I access my Workday from home?
Workday is a cloud based ERP software. Hence it can be accessed remotely from mobile devices and systems 24*7. Workday is compatible with IOS, Windows and Android devices.

How do I change my workday email to public?
To change the privacy settings click on Details. Choose the Visibility setting you want. Remember, only the Alternate Work Location, Primary Phone, and Primary Email fields control USC Directory privacy

How do I add someone to my workday?
Sign in to your Workday tenant using an administrator account. In the Workday Application, enter create user in the search box, and then click Create Integration System User. Complete the Create Integration System User task by supplying a user name and password for a new Integration System User.

How do you get workday certified?
To become certified, you will need to be an employee of Workday or one of their partners. Typically, they will cover the cost of the training and provide the training program to you within your first month of employment. After training, you must pass the multiple-choice test to become certified.

How to become a Workday HCM Consultant?
1. Earn a degree. To become a Workday HCM consultant, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in human resource management, finance, information technology or another related field.
2. Gain relevant experience. Workday HCM consultants often have prior experience working in human resources and consulting positions. You can gain relevant experience in these fields by participating in internship and co-op programs while you are a student.
3. Complete Workday HCM certification. Next, you will need to complete the Workday Core Human Capital Management training program and pass a multiple-choice test to earn your certification. After completing the Workday HCM core training, you can also complete specialized training in areas such as payroll and compensation.

What is Workday community shared tenant?

A Workday tenant is an instance of the Workday software, including data that exists independently of other tenants. There are many types of deployment and production tenants, each intended for a specific use

There are 4 types of Workday Tenant,
1. GMS (Global Modern Services) Tenant (demo data)
2. Prototype Tenant
3. Full Dataload Tenant
4. Testing Tenant

A GMS services tenant with fictitious test data for Workday implementation partners to create demos, test upgrades, and try configurations. The GMS tenant gives you an opportunity to see configured features and custom reports using fictitious organizations and workers. The term deployment tenant refers to the Implementation tenants used to implement the Workday solution, such as for loading employees, configuring features, testing, and building integration. The term deployment tenant does not refer to a customer’s Production, Sandbox, or Sandbox Preview tenants.

Tenant is a unique environment that holds different data set maintained by Workday. To my knowledge, the term Tenant was coined based on the Owner – Tenant, Example if you are renting a property from a landlord, then you are called as Tenant and the person who rent it out is the Owner. Here, Workday is allowing its customers to use the product in the cloud space, in-turn Workday charges its customer in the agreed frequency.

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